Our Research

When we created BestPetVacuumCleaners, we wanted it to become the only pet vacuum buyer’s guide you will ever need. To accomplish this goal, we conduct thorough research on a daily basis. We gather fresh and verified information that helps us improve our existing content and steers our creative process towards pet vacuum solutions that our readers what to learn about.

While we are highly selective about the information we feature on our website, we throw the net rather wide when looking for relevant data to include in our reviews. That way, we ensure that no useful piece of information slips through our fingers.

We go through thousands of user reviews, check every detail on the manufacturers’ websites, consult with other pet vacuum reviewing experts, and explore every corner of the web that may contain valuable data on our featured products. In other words, we do not exclusively focus on our own experience with the pet vacuums we review but base our statements and evaluations on the experiences of everyone who has had the chance to test the product in question.

Once we weed out unreliable claims and sort all the facts, what remains is a distilled amalgam of user and expert opinions, allowing you as the reader to find out exactly what you can expect from each of the pet vacuum cleaners featured on our website.

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