Common Pet Vacuum Buying Mistakes

August 8, 2018

Choosing the right pet vacuum is far from an easy task. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before clicking the Purchase button, so it comes as no surprise that the majority of pet owners claim to have made the wrong pet vacuum choice at least once and wasted money on an appliance that did not perform as expected.

To prevent this from happening to you, we have created a list of the most common pet vacuum buying mistakes you need to avoid.

Common Pet Vacuum Buying Mistakes

Unknown/Unreputable Brand

While not all pet vacuums produced by the same manufacturer are equally reliable, durable, and efficient, going with a well-known vacuum company is always smarter than choosing an obscure brand just because it offers lower prices.

Reputable brands normally offer good customer service, have authorized service centers across the country, and are generally known for the high quality of their products. Thus, by opting for a renowned pet vacuum manufacturer, you are minimizing your chance of getting a poorly crafted vacuum that you can only throw away in case of a malfunction that is bound to arise.

Short Warranty Period

If all pet vacuums remained functional for a whole decade, manufacturers would have significantly less cash in their pockets. That is why most of them produce vacuums that are not built to last. However, that does not mean that it is impossible to get a durable pet vacuum. You just have to avoid the surprisingly common mistake of purchasing a pet vacuum that comes with a warranty that lasts for less than 2 years.

The warranty period is highly indicative of the durability of the device. If a pet vacuum comes with a 6-month or 1-year warranty, you should not expect it to last for many years. Thus, we recommend setting the minimum limit at 2 years. When it comes to warranty periods, the general rule is: the longer, the better.

Inadequate Weight & Size

No matter what the manufacturer claims, if a vacuum is too heavy and bulky, it is not easily maneuverable, it is not easy to store, and it is sure to make vacuuming harder. The best pet vacuums are lightweight, do not require a lot of storage space, and their design allows for easy navigation.

While dimensions and weight may not seem like a huge issue at the point of purchase, a vacuum of inadequate height and weight is likely to cause problems in the long run, such as back pain and infrequent vacuuming caused by inconvenience. It often happens that consumers do not take these features into account when making their decision and regret it later. Thus, make sure that your pet vacuum of choice is ergonomically designed and fits your height and strength.

Unbearable Noise

Not all retailers and manufacturers provide information on noise levels and many consumers fail to inquire about them. If this piece of information is missing, be sure to reach out to customer support. Some pet vacuums’ noise levels exceed 90 dB, which is not only annoying but also potentially harmful. Even if a pet vacuum meets all the other requirements, it is not worth your money if it is likely to make you go deaf.

Pet Vacuum Unbearable Noise

Poor Filtration System

If you have pets, a vacuum with a good filtration system is a necessity. If a vacuum does not feature a powerful allergen filter, it is not a real pet vacuum, regardless of the label. The highest-rated pet vacuums like Eureka Airspeed Unlimited feature high-efficiency allergen filters, use multi-level filtration, and often feature HEPA filters that eliminate up to 99% of airborne contaminants. Since pet dander is one of the most common allergy triggers, you should not settle for a pet vacuum that is unable to keep allergens away from your family.

Does Not Work On All Surfaces

Pet hair lands everywhere, not just on bare floors. That is why good pet vacuums come with powerful brush rolls and pet-related accessories that eliminate pet hair from both low-pile and high-pile carpets, stairs, furniture, curtains, and all other above-floor surfaces.

While consumers are generally aware of the fact that they need to remove pet hair from all surfaces in their homes, they wrongly assume that a single vacuum cannot resolve all pet-hair-related issues. The truth is that the best pet vacuums can work on all surfaces and you should not waste money on extra tools and appliances when you can get an all-in-1 solution.

Does Not Suit Your Home

Even if you choose the best pet vacuum on the market, you may have still made the wrong decision if it is not well-suited for your home. A handheld is perfect for quick and comfortable cleaning, but it forces you to bend a lot when vacuuming floors in a large house. Uprights are generally powerful and reliable, but if the hose is too short, vacuuming stairs can be a nightmare.

Canister vacuums are handy and easily maneuverable, but they are often inferior to uprights in terms of carpet vacuuming, so if you have high-pile and shag rugs, be ready to do some manual work with a carpet rake. Robotic vacuums are handy, but they do not help with pet hair on furniture and their performance on carpets is usually far from amazing.

In other words, you are not looking for the best pet vacuum in existence but the best vacuum for your home and needs. Many consumers forget that and just opt for a vacuum that looks good on paper but is unsuitable for the layout of their homes.

Bottom Line

To make sure you have made the right pet vacuum choice, pay attention to everything from brand and warranty to size, weight, noise levels, filtration system, and suitability for different surfaces. Furthermore, be sure that you have selected a pet vacuum that is not only well-crafted but also constitutes the right fit for your home.

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